Happy 10 months, Sophie! Goodbye, Pearl :(

Sophie just turned 10 months and already seeming so grown-up! She is now starting to walk with help, and since she has discovered the joy of walking, she wants to walk all the time! Looks like she is not going to crawl, but standing and walking has been fun for her. She is also becoming better at balancing. See a picture here that shows how she is managing her support while picking something up from the floor.

She also went through your first sickness and we have to say that it was terrible for all of us. While the sickness was simply common cold, it was the first for all of us, and so for days we were quite worried. Thankfully, nothing serious happened and she’s back to normal!

Sophie is going to two different music classes a week and while Lori takes her to them, Chirag decided to attend a couple and it was a blast! Sophie were having so much fun with all the singing and dancing! We hope she acquire music skills or at least the love for music from Lori. Of course, we also wish she will be good at dancing (ballet), math, and science! 🙂

Sophie’s first birthday is approaching and we could hardly wait to see what she is becoming – an energetic, happy, and healthy baby!

On a sad note, one of our guinea pigs – Pearl – died of unknown reasons. She was a cheerful, often shy, little creature. She will be missed. RIP Pearl.544339_10200786900174791_1963748521_n


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Sophie at eight months

Can’t believe Sophie is already 8 months. Time does fly! And as if to mark that time, she is growing her first tooth. It’s exciting! 🙂

This is a great age since she is not mobile, yet she is very active. She does things – she laughs, plays, throws her toys around, pulls dogs’ tails, etc. She (and we) have also gotten into a nice schedule. Every morning she wakes up with us (sometimes earlier than us), and we spend a few minutes in the bed playing and laughing with her. During the morning she is quite happy and active. Then it’s first nap, more playing and feeding, second nap, then playing and feeding and some crying, possibly third nap, some more laughing and screaming and stealing our food, and bath and bed-time!

Meanwhile, Lori managed (somehow) to paint our kitchen cabinets. With the other recent renovations done, our kitchen is now completely different (and awesome). Lori also got her wish of having her own personal library as we covered one wall in the dining room with tall bookshelves.

Life is moving fast and we are enjoying the ride!


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7 months old

Wow. 7 months has gone so fast.

Sophie is now sitting like a champ. She has also started eating. She’s tried oatmeal, peaches, mango, avocado, squash, sweet potato…. And a bunch of other things.

I have been trying to get her to eat home made baby food, but go figure she prefers the jar food from the grocery store. :-/ oh well.

She is more active and stronger every single day. She loves going out and shopping, but still has a lot of trouble when Someone other than me holds her.

For thanksgiving we visited my grandmother. We got a picture with 4 generations of first daughters :). Sophie also got to wear a dress that was worn by my mother and me. That was pretty special. She also met a lot of my extended family for the first time. It was great to see everyone!!!

We bought our Christmas tree last week and everything is decorated now. I’m excited about the holidays 🙂

Sophie will be crawling sometime soon and I can’t believe she’s already so big!!!

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Superstorm Sandy

Like millions of others on the east coast, superstorm Sandy affected us badly. We lost power on Minday, Oct 29 during the storm and hasn’t gotten it back as of the evening of Nov. 2nd – four days later. Having spent two nights in cold and dark, we decided to find a hotel. The closest one that we could find with a room available and pet-friendly was in Pennsylvania. So for the last three days we have been camping out here in a hotel in PA.

We are planning on going home tomorrow even if we don’t have power. After all, it’s home!

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Hurricane sandy

Hurricane sandy family update.

We are ok. We were very lucky and did not suffer any damages. We rode out the storm in our own home. The power went out in the evening around 8 or so. It’s still out today. We lost the food in our fridge, but thats just a small inconvenience. We stayed in the house for the first 36 hours, but then went to a hotel for some warmth, electricity, and hot showers.

Love you all! Stay safe.

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5 months

So, Sophie is 5 months and one week old, and getting bigger and stronger every day!

She is sitting on her own for short periods now, and she’s really good at rolling from her belly to her back! She enjoys toys more now and likes to spend some time in her jumperoo every day. She likes watching the dogs play and has really started noticing everything more. She sits in her big girl stroller with no problems, and can sit in her bumbo, and high chair too.

Another big achievement, she sleeps in her own crib at night now, in her very own room! The transition was tough for a few nights, but everyone is happier now.

She’s had a big few weeks, from trips o Vermont and North Carolina, to meeting her great grandmother for the first time. We went to a pumpkin patch and she even experienced her first sore throat :(. In a few weeks she will start eating solid foods and then we will go visit all of my cousins and extended family for Sophie’s great grandmas 90th birthday!

Hooray! As always life is ever changing here, and we will be going to pick up our new family car tomorrow!

See you all soon!

Love Lori

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4 months already!

Dear Sophie,
Happy 4 months little girl! I’m so happy you are in our life! 🙂

Since you were born you’ve changed so much. You doubled your weight and now weigh 14lbs 8oz. And grew 5 inches for a total of 25 inches! You’re so big!

You’ve changed in other ways too. You like to sit, but can’t quite do it on your own yet. You like to go out and see the world. You’ve experienced so many firsts too! You flew to Portland, went “swimming” in a pool, and even had fun at your parents birthday party! We’ve been to the beach, two zoos, hiking, shopping, and a million walks. Right now, you love putting everything in your mouth. Don’t worry, that’s normal. 😉

You love books. You like to listen to me reading. We sing silly songs together and dance in the living room. You’ve visited lots of parks and met other moms and babies too. You still hate being on your belly and not being able to see things. You’re just too fascinated with the world. Sounds like a good thing to me!

I love you more and more every day! I’m so lucky to have been able to be there for all your firsts so far. I love showing you new things and helping you experience the world. I can’t wait for all the other firsts! You’ll be rolling soon and sitting on your own, then solid food before you know it! Your father and I are so excited about your first holiday season and all the new things and traditions we get to share with you!

Love you always!!

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Happy Fathers Day Chirag!

Sophie is one month and a week old. So, this fathers day will be the first one that Chirag spends as a dad! He’s been such a fantastic father and husband. He brings me coffee every morning, and spends lots of special time with Sophie. He likes to talk to her and carry her around while telling her how awesome she is. He’s not afraid to change a diaper either, which is fantastic since we go through SO MANY! Sophie is growing like crazy and seems to change a little bit every single day. She spends a lot more time awake during the day now, is sleeping better at night, and enjoys her play mat, long walks, and car rides! We would be nowhere though, without Chirag and all the things he does to keep our family whole, functional, and filled with love. So thanks for all you do Chirag!! And have a happy fathers day !!

Love always!

Sophie and Lori

Happy Father’s Day slideshow created by Sophie (Lori)!

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Welcome Sophie!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our daughter Sophie Anne Shah! Sophie, as per her name, was wise to arrive on May 7, 2012, after her daddy was done with his gradings! At 7lb4oz at birth, she is healthy and a happy baby. Sophie’s parents are sleep deprived, but otherwise everyone is fine and ready to go home! 🙂

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Spring is here!

Yup, the spring is here. It’s been several weeks we have seen daffodils and crocuses in our front yard, and now we also have tulips! The picture here is a proof.

And since the spring is here, Sophie should be arriving soon. We have finished our birth and baby-care classes. We are going for doctor’s appointment every week. Tomorrow is Lori’s last day at work, and then she is just home waiting for Sophie!


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