It’s time for summer movies!

We love theater, but we also love going to movies. It’s more casual and easier (not to mention, cheaper)! And it’s summer time, which means time for mainstream blockbuster movies. This year we started with IronMan-2 – a not-too-bad sequel. Chirag had to do a special screening of IronMan at home before going to the cinema as Lori hadn’t seen that one. What’s next? Shrek-4 and Prince of Percia.

We go to movies on Tuesday evenings most times. There are several good reasons for that. One, it’s Lori’s “Friday” and while she may still fall asleep toward the end of a movie, she doesn’t have to worry about getting up early the next day! Second, it’s not crowded. But third, and probably more important reason, is that Carmike cinemas offer $1 small popcorn and drinks that day. Now, that’s a deal-maker!

It may seem that Chirag often cares more about previews than the actual movie. He doesn’t like to be late for a movie for that precise reason. So you may think that movie is just an excuse for other “perks”. Between the dollar popcorn and previews, it’s a toss-up!

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