8 months

I cannot believe how fast the last 8 months have gone.

Since the twins have come into our lives, so much has happened. The first weeks were full of the usual new baby things except times two! Then the holidays came and went like a blur full of the little comings and goings that make up family life.

We took a trip to California, which was the twins first time on a plane and first time traveling as a family of 5. They did great, Sophie loved legoland, and it was nice to visit with my cousin too.

I travelled to North Carolina to visit my family, and see my parents new house, and visit mg grandmother and let her meet the babies. I did the March of dimes with the twins, in honor of so many preemies I have known and a baby who was born and lost too soon.

Sophie turned 3 years old this May! We celebrated with her friends and had an art party in the yard.

Spring morphed into summer and we have been enjoying the outdoors. We went on two camping trips, once to Niagara Falls!! Sophie loved the waterfall, the boat ride, and the aquarium. It was a great trip. We’ve roasted marshmallows, chased fireflies, and been to street fairs. Sophie Also took a gymnastics class, which she definitely enjoyed!

Sarah and Zoe are growing so fast! They are 8.5 months old now. They can sit and eat solid foods. They love playing with toys and going outside. Zoe is starting to crawl, and she rolls all over the place. Sarah is an expert sitter, and She rolls around too; but she’s not quite crawling yet, she’s more of a talker, and frequently babbles! Can’t wait for her first word!

The summer is going to be full of more memories. We’ll be traveling again to North Carolina, to San Francisco… And more! And the twins are rapidly approaching their first birthday, with all that means and before you know it they’ll be walking and talking and ruling the roost 🙂


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