Happy first birthday, Sophie!

Sophie’s birthday came and went by so quickly. We were just so busy organizing your birthday party, and then so many people were here. So entertaining them, cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. took up much of our last few weeks.

But it was all worth it. Everybody had a lot of fun (including Sophie)! She’s not going to remember any of these, but that’s why we have to document it here.

Sophie’s nana (yes, that’s what we’re calling grandma Mears now!) came on Saturday, May 4th with Sophie’s aunt Elizabeth and her boyfriend Aaron. We all did a lot of work for decoration, cooking, arranging for the birthday party on Sunday, May 5th. Yes, it was also Cinco de Mayo, so we partially had “fiesta theme” going! Many people came on that Sunday, including other kids, Lori’s friends, our neighbors, and Chirag’s colleagues. They all brought you lots of presents, but of course, Sophie were more interested in the wrapping papers! Typical! It was, however, good to see Sophie finally starting to play with stuffed animals, though they all seem to you “doggy”! In fact, on Sophie’s actual birthday (Tuesday, May 7th), we went to Princeton with her grandparents (grandpa Mears came on Monday) and you called Princeton tiger (their mascot) “doggy”! Grandpa bought Sophie a small stuffed tiger and you had so much fun playing with it. She probably thought it was just some orange dog!

Oh, how time files! Can’t believe our little girl is already one year old. Lori says that now she’s a toddler and no longer a baby! It’s hard to accept; for us, she’ll always be our baby!

Happy birthday little princess! May you have many many more years of happy and healthy returns of this day.




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