Happy 10 months, Sophie! Goodbye, Pearl :(

Sophie just turned 10 months and already seeming so grown-up! She is now starting to walk with help, and since she has discovered the joy of walking, she wants to walk all the time! Looks like she is not going to crawl, but standing and walking has been fun for her. She is also becoming better at balancing. See a picture here that shows how she is managing her support while picking something up from the floor.

She also went through your first sickness and we have to say that it was terrible for all of us. While the sickness was simply common cold, it was the first for all of us, and so for days we were quite worried. Thankfully, nothing serious happened and she’s back to normal!

Sophie is going to two different music classes a week and while Lori takes her to them, Chirag decided to attend a couple and it was a blast! Sophie were having so much fun with all the singing and dancing! We hope she acquire music skills or at least the love for music from Lori. Of course, we also wish she will be good at dancing (ballet), math, and science! 🙂

Sophie’s first birthday is approaching and we could hardly wait to see what she is becoming – an energetic, happy, and healthy baby!

On a sad note, one of our guinea pigs – Pearl – died of unknown reasons. She was a cheerful, often shy, little creature. She will be missed. RIP Pearl.544339_10200786900174791_1963748521_n


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