Sophie at eight months

Can’t believe Sophie is already 8 months. Time does fly! And as if to mark that time, she is growing her first tooth. It’s exciting! 🙂

This is a great age since she is not mobile, yet she is very active. She does things – she laughs, plays, throws her toys around, pulls dogs’ tails, etc. She (and we) have also gotten into a nice schedule. Every morning she wakes up with us (sometimes earlier than us), and we spend a few minutes in the bed playing and laughing with her. During the morning she is quite happy and active. Then it’s first nap, more playing and feeding, second nap, then playing and feeding and some crying, possibly third nap, some more laughing and screaming and stealing our food, and bath and bed-time!

Meanwhile, Lori managed (somehow) to paint our kitchen cabinets. With the other recent renovations done, our kitchen is now completely different (and awesome). Lori also got her wish of having her own personal library as we covered one wall in the dining room with tall bookshelves.

Life is moving fast and we are enjoying the ride!


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