Happy Fathers Day Chirag!

Sophie is one month and a week old. So, this fathers day will be the first one that Chirag spends as a dad! He’s been such a fantastic father and husband. He brings me coffee every morning, and spends lots of special time with Sophie. He likes to talk to her and carry her around while telling her how awesome she is. He’s not afraid to change a diaper either, which is fantastic since we go through SO MANY! Sophie is growing like crazy and seems to change a little bit every single day. She spends a lot more time awake during the day now, is sleeping better at night, and enjoys her play mat, long walks, and car rides! We would be nowhere though, without Chirag and all the things he does to keep our family whole, functional, and filled with love. So thanks for all you do Chirag!! And have a happy fathers day !!

Love always!

Sophie and Lori

Happy Father’s Day slideshow created by Sophie (Lori)!

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